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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Vineyard Tour Road Cycling Event

"The best rest stops ever. The views were great and the wine tasting were wonderful. Thanks for putting on a great ride."
Joe - Eugene OR

Q:  How do I get to the start?
A:  All routes start and end at Discovery Garden, 238 River Forks Park Road, Roseburg, OR  just 6 miles from the Interstate 5, exit 129 Del Rio Road Roseburg, OR.

Q:  What time do the rides start?
A:  The chart below shows the start times for registration packet pickup for each of the rides. You may start your ride anytime after picking up your registration materials.

Ride Distance Registration start time
100 mile Century   7:00am
66 mile Metric Century   7:30am
50 mile Half Century   7:30am
30 mile   8:00am
15 mile   8:30am

Please complete your ride by 4pm

Q: How will you make the ride safe for participants during the COVID-19 pandemic?
A:  We have redesigned our registration and check-in procedures, our rest stop procedures, and our food and drink offerings during the ride to assure maximum rider and volunteer safety. We have also eliminated our communal after ride meal and drinks in favor of providing a voucher to local establishments. Our goal is to provide the quality ride and enjoyable event that you have come to expect together with precautions and protocols consistent with the safety of all participants and volunteers.

Q: Will you that require masks be worn?
A:  We will require that all riders wear masks when not actually riding their bikes or while actually eating and drinking at rest stops. While eating and drinking at rest stops all riders should maintain a correct social distance from others.

Q: Will you require a negative COVID-19 test or a vaccination certificate?
A:  No. Based on current conditions in Oregon at this time we will not require either a negative test nor vaccinations for this outdoor event. We expressly reserve the right to reevaluate this based on required State of Oregon protocols at the time of the event.

Q: Are all routes the same as in previous years?
A:  No. We have redesigned the routes based on suggestions made by riders in past year's post ride surveys. Each ride is linked to the "Ride with GPS" website which provides the capability to print or download the route, profile and Que Sheets.

Q:  What are the roads like?
A:  Excellent!  You'll be mostly riding on rural roads with very light traffic and good surfaces. The routes have a few miles of roads with medium traffic, but there are generous shoulders. In addition to maps and cue sheets, the roads will be marked with arrows on the pavement. The 15 mile route will have ride leaders along the way to be sure new riders have a good experience.

Q:  How do I get to the optional vineyards on each route?
A:  All routes will have opportunities to see vineyards AND visit wineries (with wine tasting rooms) without leaving the pavement.  If you wish to visit more wineries, they are listed as OPTIONAL on the cue sheets and are located a short distance off the main route. Most of the winery entrances are half a mile or less off the main route, but do have unpaved driveways. Route sheets will have exact information and many riders will have no problem riding to these wineries, but if you're riding a bike with very narrow tires, you might want to walk. In each case you will be rewarded with amazing views and an up close experience in the there are tasting rooms at each winery if you're so inclined!

Q:  How do I get some wine back home?
A:  There are three wineries within one mile of your starting and ending location at River Forks Park, so it's convenient to pick up some wine on your way home.

Q:  What should I bring?
A:  Before you come, be sure to check out your bike to insure it's in good working condition. Bring your approved safety helmet, a water bottle or hydration pack, a photo ID and your cell phone. Although flat tires are rare, bring your repair kit so if you get a flat it won't ruin your ride.  We'll have SAG support bike mechanics on hand to give you help if you need it.

Q:  Can my children ride? What does it cost for them?
A:  The Umpqua Vineyard Tour is a family friendly cycling event. Children from the same family under the age of 18 ride FREE when accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Please bring a completed signed waiver for each child. We want this to be a fun and successful experience for your child, so please be sure that they have ridden the proposed distance before, their bike is in good working condition, and of course that they have an approved safety helmet.

Q:  How about tandems?
A:  We welcome tandem riders, and because you're a special team we'll give you a special deal: Just register the captain, and the stoker gets a huge discount!  When you come to registration, let us know that you have a stoker riding, and we'll just ask you both to sign in on the waiver form.

Q:  Where do the proceeds from the Vineyard Tour go?
A: To local non-profit organizations that support cycling.

Q:  What can my non-riding spouse or friend do while I ride?
A: There are many other great things to see and do in Roseburg.

Q:  What overnight accommodations are available?
A:  Whether you're looking for hotels, RV parks or campgrounds, our Experience Roseburg website can assist you in finding overnight accommodations of your choosing If you're interested in camping, there's a great camping park adjoining our starting and ending location!

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Umpqua Vineyard Tour Bike Ride


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